Browncoat Dog Training

Browncoat Dog Training
Address: Federal Way, WA
Phone: (850) 541-3951

Dog Obedience Training

I am a trainer who specializes in using different training techniques, according to the needs of the individual dog. Just like people, no dog is the same. I am passionate about helping people find the right dog for them before they get a dog or puppy. I have been training for more than 20 years. When I was young, I would train all my friends’ dogs and my 3 cats before I got a dog. My experience with dogs includes working with veterinary technicians at a veterinary clinic and working with their boarding animals. I also worked in doggy daycares in both Oregon and Washington. At Downtown Dog Lounge in Seattle, I got to work with all kinds of dogs and breeds. I was the evaluator, so I made sure that the new dogs were a good fit. I also watched out for any behavioral problems that came up with the dogs that were already enrolled.

All the dogs that I have owned and worked with have taught me different things that have helped improve my skills. I love not only learning new techniques from other trainers but also learning by listening and working with the dogs to see what works best for each dog and each owner. I grew up in Florida and got my first dog, Strider, when I was in high school but have been learning about dogs ever since I can remember. He was a reactive dog and he taught me how to work with reactive dog and that not everything always goes as planned. When I was around 20, I got my next two dogs, Timber, a Husky/Lab mix, and Coyote, a Chow/Australian Cattle Dog mix. Timber taught me to have patience as he was a very independent dog and wanted to do things in his own time. Coyote taught me to enjoy your dog while you have them as she died at a young age. I work in Federal Way, Seattle, Tacoma, and Auburn, Washington.

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