Hot Pot World Rotary

Hot Pot World Rotary Hot Pot World Rotary Hot Pot World Rotary
Address: 2020 S 320th St Suite G, Federal Way, WA 98003
Phone: (206) 429-3770

Hotpot World differentiates from your typical hotpot restaurant because we incorporate broths that come from all Asia. As you take your seat and choose a broth, you get a choice from 5 different stocks that come from different countries. Hotpot World allows you to choose a Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Korean, and/or Mongolian Broth. The owner of Hotpot World wanted to merge these 5 countries and create a diverse environment for his customers so that they can have a unique dining experience like none before. Hotpot World is the first of its kind in Seattle because instead of ordering from your waiter or waitress, we have implemented a “conveyor belt system” where you can simply choose your ingredient from the moving carousel. Each customer will have their own pot and this allows for each individual to choose their own ingredients and cook their own food with their choice of broth to their liking.

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