I AM Natural Academy - Natural Hair College

I AM Natural Academy - Natural Hair College
Address: 1105 S 348th St #B106
Phone: (206) 945-1551

IANA’s mission is to offer what formerly was the missing link in cosmetology. That missing link was: more focus on textured hair care. For years, as former salon owners, we have encountered employees who lacked knowledge of natural hair care. The issue was due to previous schools not offering enough training and/or services for textured hair. This left a gap in the industry between cosmetology schools and salons. There were many people interested in natural hair services but no licensed schools promoting textured hair as their specialty.
The market’s high demand for “natural hair care” triggered the interest of other cosmetology school directors. However their hair care experience and natural tresses caused difficulty to truly embrace the curly textured hair that is now dominating the industry.

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