Trifecta Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC

Trifecta Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC
Address: Federal Way
Phone: 936-534-2576

Legal Consultant

It all starts here, where you leverage our expertise for your success. We are Trifecta Legal Nurse Consulting, a team of legal and forensic nurses who render opinions and testimony regarding liability, causation, economic and non-economic damages, pain and suffering, criminal issues, and forensic topics. In addition, our nationwide network provides Expert Witness Location Services and IME/PIP/DME/CR-35 exam support. The right team makes all the difference. If you need an audit trail investigation, damages assessment, merit review, forensic analysis, chronology, billing review, cost projection, or life care plan Trifecta’s team delivers results. Call us for a free consultation, and we look forward to welcoming you into our Trifecta Family!

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